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How to Reset Tire Pressure Light

When you inflate your tires at a Austin gas station or parts center, you may still see the TPMS light on. A flashing tire pressure light even with inflated tires means that you need to know how to reset the tire pressure light. South Austin Nissan covers what to do when you see the TPMS light on and more below!

How to Reset Tire Pressure Light Step-by-Step 

The TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) is a vital part of your vehicle, because proper tire inflation leads to safer drives and has a holistic effect on your vehicle on Lakeway roads. Here’s what San Marcos drivers can to if they’ve inflated their tires and still see a flashing tire pressure light: 

  • Reset Through Driving: A flashing tire pressure light can be reset by driving at or above 50 mph for approximately 10 minutes. After you drive for a bit at this speed, turn your car off and then on again. 
  • TPMS Reset Button: There’s actually a TPMS reset button. It’s usually located beneath the steering wheel, but your owner’s manual will tell you its exact location. You operate this by switching your keys to the “on” position but keeping your engine off. Then, hold the button until the TPMS light on flashes three times. Release the button, start the car, and wait 20 minutes for the light to go off. 
  • Over Inflate the Tires: Get the tires to 3 PSI above the recommended pressure, then deflate them completely before putting them back at normal levels. Do the same with the spare tire, which can also have a TPMS system on it. 
  • Disconnect the Positive Cable: The goal here is to discharge any built up electrical charges in the system. Using a wrench, disconnect the positive battery cable. Honk the horn for around three seconds and reconnect the battery. 

Why Should You Pay Attention to a Pressure Light 

When you see the TPMS light on after you inflate your tires or a flashing tire pressure light, this could mean that the battery charging system is low or a sensor is malfunctioning. Go ahead and schedule service at a Round Rock area service center if you’re still trying to figure out what is causing a flashing tire pressure light. 

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