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CVT Transmissions

What is CVT Transmission?

One thing you don’t need to face when picking out a new car is more jargon, so we’re here to break down a term you’ve probably seen plenty of if you’re shopping for a new vehicle: CVT transmission.

So, what is CVT transmission? It stands for Continuously Variable Transmission, and it’s essentially a new type of automatic transmission that helps provide more fluid power delivery and strong efficiency ratings than conventional systems. For a more detailed overview, simply read on for everything you need to know.

What is CVT and How Does It Work?

All CVTs are automatic, but not all automatics are CVTs. In fact, you might even have heard CVTs referred to by different names, including:

  • Shiftless Transmission
  • Stepless Transmission
  • Pulley Transmission

While conventional automatic transmissions use a series of gears, CVTs use cone-shaped pulleys connected by a belt or chain. One side remains still while the other moves according to your vehicle’s speed using a hydraulic cylinder that changes the distance between sides. The belt moves either higher or lower depending on your speed.

Why Choose a Nissan CVT Transmission?

Understanding the basic principles behind CVTs is easy enough, but what does CVT transmission mean for your next trip around Lakeway? Here are the major benefits:

  • Increased Efficiency: You’ll commonly find CVTs installed in vehicles that focus on fuel economy. Since you essentially have an infinite number of gear ratios, you’re always getting the very best setting for maximum efficiency.
  • Seamless Power: Even the smoothest automatics and manuals can’t change gears without a momentary drop in power. CVTs don’t ever need to change from one fixed gear to the next, so power delivery is seamless.
  • Easy Servicing and Repairs: CVTs utilize a simpler design and fewer parts than most conventional transmission systems, which makes them much easier to repair and reduces the number of things that can go wrong as you travel around Round Rock and beyond.

Experience CVT Performance by Visiting Our Austin Showroom for a Test Drive

The best way to understand how a CVT vehicle will handle during your next San Marcos commute is by visiting us to take one out for a spin. To arrange a test drive or simply find out more about anything from financing to special offers, feel free to get in touch today.

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